Survive The Jungle

Entry by: Briergate

13th May 2016
Today, black-clad conspirators
hurl barbed comments, hit cement
The Stepfords jog out salsas
against the wind's lament
and quietly, some mothers sigh
to see their children grow
with collective pride which permeates
this urban jungle show.

Kids, like monkeys, outperform
In ever-rising cries
Women with sunglasses shade
Their ageing, tired eyes.
A solitary father stands,
subsumed by oestrogen,
we line up prehistorically,
The bell shrills out and then,
The children file in two by two,
Like animals to the ark
the mothers join their cliques,
take their babies to the park.

The school playground stills,
all arms bereft of maternal gain
keep low, keep low, this ritual starts
On Monday, once again.

The voice within (the honest one)
may question why we shy
from criticisms, indecision,
the logic reasoning - why?
We grew up in these playgrounds,
thickened skins from veiled taunts
and still, and with great impact
each unsaid jibe still taunts.

We cannot play in castles
nor fling mud, nor clamber trees
so why then still, does playground shill
bring you down upon your knees?

A mother now, I'm forty,
With my days of gingham past.
And yet, the stench of bullying,
has sadly, never passed.

My daughter, I will shield you
From all I can prevent,
with the contemptible army
of justice's loud lament,
but this place I drop you, daily
is a seething mass of grey
and I'm sorry, little girl,
For the debris in which you play.

I'll hold you when you come home,
crying from your hateful day.
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