Avoidance Of Doubt

Entry by: Alobear

18th May 2016

Where are you?
Can I really know, ever again?
When you were small
I could pinpoint your location
With some accuracy.
Your momentum was restricted
To random movements
In one place.

The circumference of your circle
Increased as you grew.
But I remained your centre
And you invariably came back
To where I could observe you.
Whether this changed
Your behaviour
I don’t know.

Your ever-widening sphere
Of existence
Created greater ripples over time.
Causality of broadening experience
Reality ribbed with incident
Adding complications
To the equation
Of your whereabouts.

Now, of course,
You move mostly away
Gaining momentum exponentially
As the possible paths of your life
Spread out before you
Each variable taking you further away from me.
Travelling at speed
Resulting in uncertainty.