Avoidance Of Doubt

Entry by: stevemar

19th May 2016
A Certain Song

That day we walked, proud as Apollo
On the dust of the distant Moon.
Or was our lunar tour a trip
Secret film sets can impugn?

And a fallen, lying weather balloon
Covered the land at Roswell’s crash.
Unless a starry fender-bender
Left shocked aliens with whiplash?

Bin Laden torched the towers
To inflame worldwide mayhem.
Or was it… well, was it… well…
You know, was it really THEM?

A president’s death in Dallas
Darkened the shining sun.
Do you – like me – think secret strings
Pulled the trigger of the gloomy gun?

Britain’s perfect Princess crashed
On a warm, dark Paris night.
A victim of uncaring chance,
Or of cold Establishment might?

Elvis, the King, is dead and gone,
Heartbreak Hotel for us forever.
Do suspicious minds think him alive
and well, in … well, in wherever?
Now the balmy world is warming
As the ice caps drip away.
Yet whence blows the bitter wind,
This cold, cold winter’s day?

Hurrah for GM food, though!
It’s tasty, safe, nutritious,
So says obese big business
But aren’t those shits malicious?

Fluoride in the water toughens
Every little, biting tooth.
Unless, of course, brainwashing be
The brute unhealthy truth?

While autism’s strange origin
Eludes science’s baffled lab.
Do you fear it’s sharply injected
By a needle’s pointed jab?
Shakespeare wrote himself immortal
With folios of globe-turning plays.
Or was he just a Cheapside ham,
A front for Bacon, for always?

And light flashed forth upon us all,
From Darwinian evolution.
Or did it darken all our souls
With satanic diminution?

Hitler died by his own mad hand
In his cowardly Berlin bunker.
Am I fool to think he flew away
In a waiting Wehrmacht Junker?

The human race scurries to
Safe shelter of democracy.
Or does The New World Order drool
Over predatory autocracy?

So assail me with your phoney facts
While I withstand them one and all.
From staunch Castle Paranoia
I’ll stand certain and in control.

Long may I live, a lonely king,
Behind my strong stone wall,
And keep watch for your inane deceits
From my bold parapet patrol.