Learning To Read

Entry by: Alobear

29th June 2016
A slight narrowing of the eyes.

That can mean suspicion.

Is there something I’ve done wrong that can be sensed just by looking at me?

It can also mean calculation.

Is there an opportunity for manipulation I could fall prey to?

Maybe it’s an attempt to remember something.

Have I perhaps forgotten something I was supposed to provide a reminder for?

A sniff.

Possibly a sign of contempt.

Is it really so hard to believe I am worthy of attention?

Though it could signify distress.

Have I caused a situation that might prompt tears?

Or perhaps it’s a sign of oncoming illness.

Could I have picked up a virus that I’ve inadvertently passed on?

A tightening of the lips.

Looks to me like disapproval.

Am I paranoid to think I’ve done something to displease?

It could signal some kind of discomfort.

I really hope my cooking hasn’t provoked an unpleasant reaction.

A rueful gesture perhaps.

It’s always possible some kind of confession is about to be pronounced.

The clearing of the throat.

Usually preparatory to speech.

But will the comment be one of censure or of praise?

Perhaps an expression of dissatisfaction.

I wouldn’t be surprised if an action of mine has failed to come up to scratch.

It could just be the dislodging of some dust.

Though even that could be a comment on the quality of my cleaning.

The inevitable clenching of the fists.

Here comes my punishment for today’s transgression, whatever it was.

What did I miss that I should have been able to spot?

I have to learn to read the signs better.