The Uninvited Guest

Entry by: Alobear

13th July 2016
The Uninvited Guest

“Ooh, look! Pastries!”
“Yeah, I’m actually trying really hard not to look at them right now.”
“But they’re right there - and they’re free!”
“I’m aware, thank you very much.”
“You should nip in and grab some before there’s a massive line.”
“No, I’m fine exactly where I am.”
“But that’s crazy - why would you pass up the opportunity for free food?”
“Because, as you well know, I’m following a strict schedule for my eating right now.”
“And it’s not time for my morning snack for another half an hour.”
“But half an hour isn’t going to make any difference.”
“It actually really does - besides, a handful of pastries isn’t a sensible choice for me anyway.”
“But in half an hour, you’ll be in the training session, so you won’t be able to eat anything.”
“I have some mixed nuts in my bag, so I’ll just munch them during the presentation.”
“Nuts? How boring! It’s not going to make any difference if you break the schedule just this once - and isn’t it rude to eat during a training presentation?”
“I don’t think so - and just because there’s free food doesn’t mean I should eat it.”
“That’s exactly what it means! You should always take advantage of free food!”
“Not if it’s going to provoke unhealthy behaviour that might cause more problems further down the line.”
“You’ve got so dull and self-righteous since you started this scheduled eating thing, you know.”
“That’s as may be, but I’ve also felt more in control, and much happier, than I can remember being in years.”
“But pastries! Go on, you can have just one - that won’t be a problem!”
“You and I both know for a fact that’s not an option - besides, when did I ever ask for your opinion in the first place?”
“You didn’t have to - I’m your binge eating disorder - I’m always right here with you.”
“And don’t I know it - but at least now I have some strategies for stopping you from hurting me.”
“Just like I said - no fun at all, any more.”
“Actually, exactly the opposite - I’ve never enjoyed engaging with food more, now that it’s no longer laden with guilt and deprivation.”
“Argh! I can’t take the preaching - I’m off!”
“Ah, peace at last.”