We Stupid Apes

Entry by: percypop

26th August 2016

Back in the old days, we were treated like savages. Fed, caged and put on show for the benefit of the humans. Life was uneventful but boring so occasionally one of us would turn and attack a "keeper" because she could stand it no longer.

Now, we have laboratories and lodgings to keep us fresh and watered as if we are their equals. We know we are not equals; we are the betrayed.

How did this happen? I'll tell you.

It all began when Dr Darwin took an interest in our history. He seemed a pleasant old man; white hair-long beard and cheerful smile, but his study was to find a link between us and the "humans" he represented.

Some of us regarded his observations as interesting. After all, even the stupidest baboon can see there are similarities between the "Humans" and the rest of us. But gradually, he persuaded the human public that we were similar but inferior.

My ancestor, Septimus, lived with Darwin for about a year. He simulated the old man's actions, partly out of sympathy but mostly out of fun. I'm told his impersonations were hilarious and the primate families cackled with laughter at his act. Darwin also laughed, but he smiled because he thought we were similar instead of fooling about. He wrote down everything Septimus did.

Other grey faced Humans came to watch Septimus and he observed how seriously they remarked on the accuracy of Darwin's Theory. Of course, he played up for fun. That is where the whole thing went wrong.

When Darwin published his treatise, he called it "The Origins of Man” in blatant denial of the fact we were born, bred and educated long before the Humans could stand on their own two feet. The idea that we are inferior, earlier versions of their breed is absurd.
"They" took up the theory with huge acclaim and the idea took wings.

At that time, Septimus and the Elders played along with the humans because they saw the material advantages. Better accommodation, recreation facilities improved and most of all, sexual freedom. It seems we had more uninhibited sex (they were very prudish.) No one pointed out that these advantages were just another form of imprisonment, but in bigger cages.
Since then, the Humans have spent a great deal of time and energy trying to develop their expertise concerning the "Primate Link." We have no idea why they do it; they do not want to form an alliance with us; they loathe the idea of cross breeding and have achieved very little.
We can only watch as they create wars and drain the world of resources while pursuing scientific exploration. An ape of my acquaintance from French Guinea has a phrase in French which sounds right: It is "Gaspillage," which seems to mean an extravagant wastage of assets or something similar.
Yes, you may say we are Stupid Apes, we enjoy a fragile protection from the Humans, but their greed and hostile nature drives them to perdition and we must do our best to survive while our race still lives.