Life Plus 2M

Entry by: cjjartist

1st September 2016
flickering greys, the sea
changes: un-altering,
silently, chivvies, switching
the soft primrose sand; one
grain flicks position with
another- impossible, inevitable.

the boats are silent- they
cross this expanse at the end of lands,
vikings first, then pirates
raid and burn, settle and farm,
netherlanders, flatland explorers,
hunting the new crossings, echo
the dykes and drains- invisible tracks,
eat their way into the soft marshes,
expose the rich peats,
carve and create out of nolands.

inlets creeks and badlands,
flatlands perfect
for creeping smugglers lands
illicit acts in shifting edges
land of no land
sea of no sea

but the sea will rise,
crawl towards the sky,
the moon cries, desires,
dragging it over non-land, hand-made land

energetically, without mercy,
rushes over the flatlands,
washes away the coastlands,
demolishes all in its pathlands,
creates new edgelands-