Who Are You?

Entry by: Godai41

5th December 2014
Qui suis je? Quien soy yo? 我是谁? The question begets other questions? Where did I live? 6 Belsize Crescent? Who is Mr. Harris? Where did I work? British Museum Newspaper Library at Colindale? Why did I work there? Who is Harold Frederic? What do they give you to take home on Fridays when you work at a British employment agency? Is the chicken really fresh?

More questions even? Who is Theron Ware? Did he know Hawthorne, since their names are anagrams? Who was Theron Ware's wife? Celia or Alice? Does it matter, since their names also are anagrams?

Can men and women share the same lodgings on the Holyhead to Dublin ferry? Which is more unsafe: hitchhiking from Dublin to Galway in 1969 or hitchhiking from Philadelphia to Ames, Iowa, Spring, 1964 with a relative of the Randells? Which is colder? Was there ever an easier question to answer?

Who made the blankiverse, anyway? Is it too early in the story to ask that question? Who knows: Saroyan, Sherwood Anderson, Rilke, Keats?

"When that Aprille with his shoures soote"; who wrote that anyway? And was he really robbed three times in one day?

Do we need a poem now? Yes?

Cook; my skills are extinct?

Cut people’s nails; can I even snare my own?

Architect (or) engineer; the family art died with dad?

Cut hair? design clothes? deliver birthday cakes?!

Work as a doorman—anyone can do it, hey?