Across The Border

Entry by: pilgrim

13th September 2016
crunch crunch


he stops to shelter a flame
puffs out smoke once, twice, again
leans back, breath heard for miles
around in the vast night.

in time it will pass through dawn’s essence
and collide pitifully with the black mountains
silhouetted in the star bright sky
sighing plains, memories of waves
trodden, burned dry, grassless.

who would walk here?

scrabbling disgruntled, grunting over rocks
downwards, the smell of smoke,
of men and animals borrowing the sea bed
its barren nothingness.

approach the well
silently let drop the pail
to the memory below
drink wine of rocks
refill flask, survive.

beast slumber disturbed
dog barks alarm cock crows
pushing juice from rocks
suddenly, he is surprised even now.
even he.

scuffles on wood, light behind window
curtain twitches.

door opens and
with cautious smile
a tin plate is placed steaming
on the box outside.

for you stranger, no need to hide.

rising rising hat tilting, approaching
he sighs again and the world leans away
fingers greasy scoop beans in bread
washed down with gritty coffee
tries not to wretch.

another dawn another day on the way
another angel to mark on his map
he wipes his bristly mouth
with back of hand, and is satisfied.
maybe he’ll make it today
across the border