To The Lions

Entry by: vinita18

12th February 2014
Said the baby Giraffe to the Lions

I am born from my mother's milk
It has always tasted of fear
And rung alarm bells at the teat
She tells me that in order to be safe
I must always feel unsafe

These savannah grasslands are like my eyes
Open and wide and green with envy
At your power, great lions!
They say you have a golden coat, an auburn mane
Though I always see it soaked in red blood, I don't know why

Gazelles, zebra foals, wilder beasts
Pass on their heartbeats to me
When they fall prey to your prowess
I see the air churn sickeningly
Like a mad man's mind, whenever you are around

Mother says it's not your fault that you kill
Hunger is nothing if not motivating
If leaves could talk, wouldn't they admonish us for devouring them?
Yet, even if it's natural and ok for you to hunt
I can't help but wonder about love

Where does love go when lives are suddenly extinguished
When mothers lament the cruelty of loss
And children anguish over missing parents
When tears are unstoppable and milk lies wasted in the udders,
Is that why the air feels moist? Is that when new shoots come to life

On mangled, rootless tree barks?
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