Playing The Field

Entry by: cjjartist

22nd September 2016
Playing... the... field

A fine harvest

nice to meet you

Looking for a nice lady/
someone at a similar point/
you want to have fun

I'm as honest as they come
and that's all you'll get from me:
dancin', singin', cuddles, holdin' hands

Occasionally I pick up a book,
but like to go out on the razz and indulge
in late night kebabery

I say live life to the full-
everything in moderation
including moderation

I have a Big Sense of Humour
always having a laugh:
can you keep up with me?

Let's find out over:
relaxing tea / tempting coffee /a few drinks
do our worlds coincide?

Let's build something special
from that initial connection-
and keep connecting

I do pranks for my YouTube channel!
you have been warned!
I need an assistant!

Will you be spontaneous and a little reckless tonight?
have a sparkle in your eye?
and have something interesting to say?

Am I a right or a left?
hook up or date?

Which is it to be?

(Source - selected comments from Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Guardian Soulmates)