Letter To America

Entry by: QueenC

20th October 2016
A date close to the American elections and Halloween.
Kim Kardashian
Somewhere in Hollywood

Dear Kim
Thanks for your prompt reply to my questions about America. I’ve always felt the Kardashians to be the real first ladies of the U. S. of A. Or to use your expression the ‘United Sates of Ass’.
In answer to my question why are so many big Stars not political, you say politics is not a turn on in Instagram. America you say made both Donald and Hilary. Further you say they are two sides of the same one-hundred-dollar note. Except Donald thinks he should replace Benjamin Franklin’s face and Hilary believes in God We Trust. Bring on the bitcoin I say!
But come now, recently on Facebook you confessed a rethink and that you’ll vote for Hilary Clinton. Kimmy your comments on Hilary’s campaign shocked me. How could you suggest that Hilary a middle aged woman get a black toy boy to secure the youth vote? Also what’s with the proposal that she does a few more selfies with her bra off and appropriate black censorship strips. Do you seriously think that this could ‘just do the trick’ for men who see her as a community conscious ‘nag of a wife’?
I see you disagree with my observation that American politics is purpose built for narcissists. How could I not say this Kim? I mean of all people you should see that Donald Trump is nothing other than a media machine. ‘Keeping up with the Trumps’ goes to air every day. Melania and her bad boy grabbing pussy, the kids who say their dad is just so wonderful. I know! I know! it has been bad for you and the rest of the half-naked Kardashian clan losing to such a reality TV amateur…
But Kim please! This is after all America the wonderful. It’s Bob Dylan winning the Booker prize, it’s Ellis island it’s southern racism and a school curriculum where saving yourself from bullets is central to class discussion every day. It’s the right to bear arms and in your case to bare arms and so much more.
I know I am blind to many ordinary behind the scenes parts of America being only privy to ‘OK’ magazines account of your big beeeutifull continent. To quote you’ life for most people in Springfield USA is a Pollyanna yellow, corn on the cob fairground. A gated community built by Walt Disney to keep the home baked apple pie in their stomachs, the corner drugstore within sight, and all unnatural pairings firmly out’. Praise the lord for that. Although do check your step-father into a clinic…it’s a bad look for a country built by your god fearing forefathers. Note they weren’t foresisters. They were the witches of course. You know like Hilary.
I mentioned didn’t I that I am worried about New York. To me NY is just a sitting duck for a Mexican terrorist. God forbid that Zorro reemerges and takes Manhattan.
Well that’s all from me. Remember in time the Rockies will crumble… Yellow Stone could erupt and all your continent be covered in a cloud of black dust. But well it might not be that different in LA. Just kidding.
By the way happy Halloween.
Yours in sisterly love