Hearts And Minds

Entry by: jaguar

3rd November 2016

We have proved, you say, but you haven’t
that the heart is the brain, no it isn’t
and the mind is your conscience
it’s the air traffic control in your soul.

A long time ago two people pointed
at an object and said the same word
but the object itself wasn’t shared
your words themselves change nothing.

So I must see, you say, though I can not
that your right is my wrong, no it isn’t,
can’t you hear my conscience sound?
It’s the air traffic control in my soul?

High above the problem we struggle
like Gods while the bricks fall on flesh
the food fails, the families fracture
close to the earth, on the ground.

It’s for them, you say, but it isn’t
you should ask what they need but you haven’t,
not hearts and minds but full stomachs
the air traffic control of their souls.