Hearts And Minds

Entry by: QueenC

4th November 2016
Heart and Mind sestina
the touch of cosmic brilliance that is the mind
this phenomenon questioned by the brain
third musketeer of the trinity of existence
or any other threesome of matter you might laugh
is the combination needed for the heart
the problem being where there’s heart there is love

yet out of the granite of existence
I am grateful to be able to love
to be drawn by my heart
patchworked around my cynical laugh
for on a sun-dried day my brain
duels the very nature of my mind

indeed, what a piece of work is woman so made for love
beneath the canopy of her brain
her nerves want a connected existence
not a cold knowledge bank of a mind
or electron filled lit up brain
please all of you especially men cultivate the heart

now to win all three—you are off your brain
out of your mind
having a last ghastly gasp of a laugh
at existentialist nihilistic anarchic existence
so much better off without a heart
and far happier with the carnal not love

still the politicians want to win his mind
and woo her heart
well someone should tell them there is only the brain
look at them fight the rules of existence
on them waste no love
but rather laugh

for some say there is no black box inside the brain
others see emergent knowledge makes a mind
seems all we do know is the pump of our heart
which can induce a mouse connected type of love
and now don’t laugh
this all together makes existence

So, all you believers in the mind
for money, they market research the brain
a proof of its existence and last laugh on the heart.