Bequeath My Estate

Entry by: Tauren

7th December 2016
We shared a womb, my brother
You and I, closer than close
Separated but once
When, You first
We were ejected from our shared incubator
Leaving me alone in terrified abandonment
Before inseparable again were we, evermore

Through trial and triumph
We were ever-there, ever each other’s bolster
A bedside sentinel were you when I was bedbound
As, all through my infirmity, you nursed
And when your Amy was too soon claimed
I, inconsolably bereft as yourself
Helped you bear her diminutive casket
As we bore our mothers
Shoulder to shoulder this ten years past
To her final interment
And one last time did we, this onerous task
As our father did just join her

So tell me my brother, my wombmate
To where have you absconded
Who is this avaricious imposter in your place?
This fraudulent miserly doppelganger before me
Squabbling over our father`s pittance