Bequeath My Estate

Entry by: cjjartist

9th December 2016
I bequeath my estate....

The chipped Woolworths plates,
The over-heavy cut glass vase,
The rose-patterned canteen of cutlery,
The spinning clock on the mantelpiece,
The frayed faded orange curtains, two inches too short,
The collection of donkey ornaments cluttering the windowsill,
The candlewick bedspread,
The tablecloth from that Spanish holiday still tightly encased in its brittle cellophane,
The raffia Chianti bottle lamp- we never managed to get the second one, did we?
And finally, the blousy begonias spilling out of that French wheel barrow-
was that our last holiday?

I leave these to you....
So your memories are forever filled with

My love.