What Would Jesus...

Entry by: cjjartist

23rd December 2016
What would Jesus....?

He said love your neighbour
And we understood perfectly.

We fought Crusades, we colonised the world in the name of religion, we enslaved those who didn't fit-wrong colour, wrong faith, wrong culture, we were racist and bigoted, we committed genocide: we wiped out cultures from the Guanche to Incas, we invented inter-Christian war because one type is always more right...from Latvia to Ireland, we were misogynistic and took way women's rights, we persecuted gays and gypsies, we escalated conflicts in the name of just war, we created the Inquisition, Nazism and Klu Klux Klan, we developed intolerance to other faiths and those with none, we created institutions that shut out non-Christians, we destroyed great art and literature in the name of purity, we obliterated the environment as man can rule with impunity, we learned that living in harmony is less important than proselytising.

And if Jesus turned up today,
would we let him or her in?

Left to sit on the front step,
head slumped in hands.
In despair.