Shadows And Charades

Entry by: Tauren

29th December 2016
Shades and Charades

The crushing dark lays waste to me
"Relieve them of your burdening weight,"
Oblivion`s muse yet whispers on
I try, and as ever fail to work her words from my mind
our spiral dance once more`s renewed

From my bed I prise exhausted limbs
Escape once more Its succubus lure
While in mirrors, shades of me gaze back
My siren murmurs her sly refrain
"Useless, pointless, worthless you,"
Our dance continues

My morning ritual endured
As painfully, I rebuild a facsimile of me
The one I place before the world
My bold charlatan face

In loving ones eyes haunts a weary sadness
Their comfort words rain unheard on soil incapable of absorption
"You are the source of all their pain,"
The siren cries, ever louder now
"How can you continue?"
And on we dance

Beyond the threshold,
A world bleached of all colour and joy awaits
With painted smile I brace; step forth
None see the actor playing the part of me
I am well rehearsed
All are fooled

The day ends, survived once more
Wasted, I lay in fetal pursuit of sleep
The siren, shrill now
Her words/My thoughts
Resound throughout my mind

At last a fitful slumber claims me

Tomorrow we dance again
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