Shadows And Charades

Entry by: Alobear

30th December 2016
Is it a game to you?
This life we lead together
Only not together
For I am always in shadow
While you hog the limelight
From the outside
I imagine we appear flawless
The celebrated woman
Vibrant and glorious
Holding court for your countless admirers
I am always there
Smiling and worshipping
Along with all the others
But with my own reflected status
As the chosen companion
How lucky I am
To enjoy unparalleled access
The envy of all your fans
Who covet the minutiae of my days
Even more than they covet yours
If they but knew the truth
The cracks and peeling paintwork
We plaster over daily
For their delectation
This insidious charade
Played out year after year
Of our exhausting lives
Perhaps I am the gameplayer
Harbouring secret plans
To one day flee this prison
And step into the light