Shadows And Charades

Entry by: therealhyacinth

30th December 2016
Her favourite song purred loudly from the surround sound. The thump, thump, thump of heavy drums echoed around the small room. She found herself tapping her knee along to the rhythm, lost in the music and beginning to sing,
"Bring your daughter to the slaughter..."
She knew she couldn't hold a tune, but she still relished these moments when the house was empty save for herself and the dog when she could screech until her heart was content.
Turning her attention back to the large, white frame mirror in front of her, she sighed. She could be in the best of moods, as she was today, but one look in that mirror would send her plummeting right back down. She hated herself. Her reflection. The ugly truth.
She studied herself harshly, her eyes immediately flicking from one problem zone to another and highlighting all her demons. Her nose was too wide and podgy, her chin distorted by the suffocating weight of another one; a cold reminder of the extra pounds she had gained. The bags under her eyes were getting larger each day and her skin more sallow. She had never had a particularly pleasing complexion but these days her skin was taking on a sickly cast. Time outdoors would easily and quickly rectify that she knew, but stepping out the doors ... that was not so quick or easy.
She reached for the product shelf beside her and began the long, arduous process of covering her imperfections. Layer upon layer of foundation, concealer, eyeshadow and blusher caked on and on until she was happy that you could no longer see the canvas underneath. She shaped her eyebrows and overfilled the lines of her lips. She created false cheekbones from contour powder and buried her dark circles under a slather of pale concealer.
Something was missing. She was still herself. She could still see the hatred and the insecurity steaming from her pores and swirling in the air around her. Steeling herself, she turned from the mirror to complete the transformation with a pair of coloured contact lenses and a long, curly red wig.
Katherine du Berry smiled back at her when she next risked a glance into the mirror, and she exhaled deeply in relief. Katherine was beautiful. She had creamy, even skin that shimmered and glowed in the light. Her hair was bouncy and full and rich. Her eyes, light grey irises surrounded by smoky shadow and kohl liner, were mysterious and sultry. Everybody wanted Katherine.
Confident now, she turned the music down to a quiet background noise and turned on her webcam, ready for another live chat with her followers,
"Hey guys!" She smiled happily, waving at the small device and blowing a small kiss, "Thanks for coming back to my channel today. I wanted to talk about something super important today ... self confidence!"
She paused to read the comments as they flooded in from the people watching the video. She knew now what it must feel like to be a drug addict, for the high that the got from these moments was truly intoxicating.

"...Oh my GOD. Katherine ... you're gorgeous, why would you ever not feel confident?"
"I wish I looked like you Katherine ... you're so naturally flawless!"
"So inspirational!"
"You're always so on fleek."

She smiled and continued her show. Her nerves were on fire and her blood felt warm in her veins. Katherine du Berry may be a charade, but in those moments, Katy Harris never felt more alive.