Who Are You?

Entry by: loschneide

5th December 2014
Come On Girl

I say to myself
as I fill a glass with water for the night.
“Come on, little girl. You are tired.
I’ll put you to bed.”
My mother awoke today for a moment
from her kaleidoscope world
where my father is 25,
my brother struggles to be born,
her sister is dying again,
she is selecting a hat for church,
and always, always searching for her own mother.
She placed her hand on mine and asked again,
“Who are you?”
I said, “I am your only daughter.”
She smiled like she had just made
a butterscotch cake for dinner
and said, “Poor little girl.”

I counsel anxious and depressed clients,
work with autistic, aggressive, and withdrawn children,
know the art of psycho-dynamic therapy
and cognitive behavioral therapy,
even write poetry
which I have read in New York City and Chicago,
but she’s right again. I am also
a poor little girl whose mother is almost gone
and I must fill my own glass
with water for this night.
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