Dangerous Expensive Principles

Entry by: therealhyacinth

6th January 2017
Vigilante. Martyr. Murderer. Angel. Demon. She was known by many names now and each as ridiculous as the last, for she was none of those things. She was not special. She was not acting for a higher cause, a god, Lucifer. She had no interest in 'the greater good'. None of that meant anything to her.
The game was dangerous now. Too many people had caught glimpses of her, had recognised her M.O. It was exhilarating and intoxicating, knowing that danger chased her from all sides. Everybody wanted her now and she knew it was only a matter of time until she was caught. It didn't really matter by who. Police. Government. Fabian. They all wanted the same thing now.
She took a deep breath, relishing the bitter cold of the midnight air, and took a moment to admire her surroundings and calm herself. Adrenaline was coursing through her veins like liquid fire, and it simply would not do to be caught off balance because she had let her nerves unsettle her. The night was dark; the city lights extinguished by the power cut she had orchestrated earlier in the day. Only the twinkling stars, peeping shyly from behind the rolling clouds, illuminated the towering sky scrapers ahead. It was a beautiful sight to behold, the brilliant silver starlight reflecting off the giant glass windows, bouncing from one to another in a dazzling kaleidoscope of rays and lines.
She breathed again. It was sobering to think that it was such an enjoyable act. She had never considered it before and it caused her to let out a sharp bark of laughter, disturbing the peace of silence surrounding her. She shook her head and decided such macabre thoughts had no place in this night.
It was only a short walk from her base in the outer park to the large manor house that was her destination, and she found that her feet carried her there quicker than she had anticipated. Despite having prepared for this night for weeks, she found she was unsure if she was up to the task before her. She did not have time to dwell on things however, as she quickly found herself slipping quietly past the imposing, wrought iron gates of the manor and gliding softly up the entrance way to the ancient, polished marble doors.
She retrieved the heavy golden key from one of her many deep pockets and gently ghosted the door open. Her eyes fell immediately on the flickering, fragile flames of a hundred candles burning brightly in the grand drawing room to her right and her breath caught in her throat. There was no turning back now! Bracing herself and summoning every inch of courage she possessed, she entered the house and quietly began to stalk toward the drawing room, staying hidden in the deepest dark crevices of the walls, her feet barely whispering upon the ground.
"Forgive me, Sir," a voice timidly begun in the drawing room ahead, "but I am not so sure that this smear campaign is such a good idea right now. Nell is a very emotive person and the public could lose favour toward you for this. We have worked so hard for your position..."
"Dear Ivor!" A second voice explained in amusement, "I care not what those dim witted fools think of me! I will win this election regardless of public opinion, I assure you. I have an agreement in place that will make this happen. What do I care for the opinions of the poor and the weak? They are cattle!" the second man laughed aloud. It was a funny sort of noise, wrong on so many levels and yet so enticing. He continued to speak, "And besides. The campaign will be over soon. I never intended for it to run for long. Nell won't be able to stand for me being so publically against her. She will seek me out."
Her heart seemed to stop when she heard those words. She had known that he had always been able to influence her, for that was his way. But she had never considered that he would outright manipulate her, force her to act. Ice cold realisation flooded through her. Tonight would be her end.
"You always did know me well Fabian, my love." She said softly from her hiding place in the shadows and she relished in the surprise evident on his face when she spoke. He smiled at that moment, and it struck her how glorious he was. Beautiful,
"Ma Cherie." He said fondly, eyes scanning the shadows for a glimpse of her, "You are as able to stay away from me as I am you. I knew you would come to me. You crave me. My attentions. My love. And it has always been yours!"
"You're a very good liar Fabian. I suppose you always have been. I don't need you. I haven't needed you since I learnt of what you wanted to do to me."
He moved toward the door of the room and she realised that hiding was doing her no favours. Steadying her nerves, she moved out into the light. She took such pleasure at the look on his face when he saw her, illuminated by the soft touch of candle light, dressed all in leather and pointing a loaded gun at him, smirking.
"I would of made you stronger Nell! I would have made you mine!"
"You would of used me, like you use everybody else!" She spat back, furious now, "I am just sorry it took me so long to see you for what you are. I should of known I could never trust a..a.."
"I am a politician my love." He replied, "Nothing more."
"You're a madman!" She screeched, "I have the scars to prove it! Oh and there are plenty of them, or have you forgotten?"
It was his turn to smirk now, and a look of fear flashed briefly across her face,
"Oh I could never forget my love. You always looked so beautiful under my hands. So delicious. So....breakable."
She laughed bitterly and shook her head. She didn't know why she had even tried to have a dialogue with him. There was no understanding or reasoning with madmen,
"I won't let you ruin this city Fabian. I won't let you put the people in chains like you wanted me."
"You have no say in the matter Nell. My sweet, beautiful Nell. The authorities are already on their way. As soon as you opened the door you triggered the alarm. You can do nothing. You can change nothing."
His eyes flashed as she turned off the safety trigger on the gun, and then he laughed, "You couldn't kill me Nell. You would die without me. You can pretend all you like, but you know you loved it. And we could be so good again! All you need to do is SUBMIT!"


Three shots rang out loudly, and the gun in her hands smoked. She smiled sadly as she watched his body drop to the floor and crumple. He was gasping for breath and blood was soaking through his expensive white shirt and she was mesmerised by the rich colour of it,
"You bleed red just like this rest of us." She said softly, "You are only human. And I can live without you. I would rather rot in a prison cell for the rest of my life and know you are dead, than submit to your rule and let you ruin this city."
"You think you will make it to prison?" He cried out, with all the energy he could muster. His face was paling rapidly and he could feel his heartbeat slowing, "Your principles are expensive Nell! They will cost you your life as well as mine. You will die tonight, and you will be mine forever!" He smiled up at her then, memorising every last detail of her face, before breathing his last.