On What Matters

Entry by: writerLECIQQYEDR

11th January 2017
Candle light sways in the silence,
Stuttering steps in the darkness of what was, engulfing what is.
Flame burns downwards,
Foreign hand slides upwards.

'Mirror, mirror,' has learned its line,
Practiced, similar to mind, becoming nothing more than glass
Shattered by his fist,
Tight grip around wrist.

The sweet lavender smell of candle sticks to the sweat between her thighs.

Child of God, is it fragile mind or body
That brings her to her knees?
Carpet burn, camel skin, adapting to the environment she is in.
Landfill of consequences, long lasting sins.

Man that has made his mark on the moon
Walks on her, plants his flag and waves to the world
'Look at what I have done.'
There are no aliens here, just men in suits.

Woods made of words stand tall,
Gathering truths to be hunted.
Lies deep rooted, each word a seed
Or a weed.

A girl sells her body because she believed them when they said that some lives are worth more than others.