On What Matters

Entry by: cjjartist

13th January 2017
On What Matters

World leaders having tantrums and twitterhuffs,
If only hiding under the duvet were enough to escape,
Running out of electricity, not enough for a year.
Yet the one percent could care for us all,
Hospital beds lined up nightingale-like in gymnasiums,
Decisions on who should die made frantically in darkest moments;

My best friend dumped me-
Cut out my heart, chopped it and fed it to her dog,
I got a parking ticket- a time serving official
Made his target that morning, gloating in my twisted face,
The landlord has decided to sell up, two measly weeks
After I finished wallpapering, pugin-exotic, the flat,
I ran out of coffee, again, how could it happen?
My drug of choice and no street-corner friend to fix me,
The internet's down again; a gust of wind,
a torrent of rain and we're back in the Dark Ages,
And I woke up this morning with a planet-
sized zit in the middle of my chin....

But none of that matters:
we know the answer's forty two
and tonight we go dancing.