Truth Or Dare

Entry by: writerLECIQQYEDR

19th January 2017
A man sits in a prison cell, resting legs, racing mind
Colouring like a child
Outside of blurred lines, whirls and swirls,
Threading thoughts tightening the noose around his neck.

Fiction or myth, fine inventions to escape fate,
Destiny has a way of luring man down a winding road,
Taught to do as we are told,
Following with faith or foolishness?

Meanwhile is melting while procrastination poses like a French girl,
Seductive in its smile and hips,
Promising another day, an easier way,
Lies licking rouge lips.

A man can run, escape at the hand of a gun,
Fight or flight or flee?
A once ignorant man discovering
The truth does not always set you free.

Intuition burrows its head,
Claustrophobic in a crowd of reflections.
An innocent man, half saint, half sinner,
Does guilty or not guilty make?

Man dares not to tell the truth,
Humiliation is an easier pill to swallow.
Choking tongue forgets its purpose,
The muscle that cannot be moved.

It is fear that makes the world run scared.
Cat and mouse, truth or dare?