Truth Or Dare

Entry by: jaguar

19th January 2017

Locked out by my own stupidity
with no feeling in my hands, numb
my smell blocked by the brittle cold,
like my eyes, closed but somehow leaking
relationship scraped raw and bloody.

Slop in a bucket, good for nothing
did we ever love each other purely?
I have no lead, no memory of it
nothing touches, the air avoids me
you don’t reply to my desperate cries.

Something waits then flings itself
back towards me but I can’t tell
if it’s a new threat or my own shadow,
if I’m still connected to you
by more - or less - than my emotions.

You burnt me clean with truth,
seared my soul, lit up hidden facts,
shook my self-image as you dared
to unmask the joker, that casual player
who seemed to fit my face.