Facts And Factions

Entry by: Alobear

3rd February 2017
Conversation circa January 1987:

"Who's that guy?"
"What guy?"
"The one who was just on screen."
"Oh, him. Yeah, he looked familiar."
"Wasn't he in that film from last year?"
"Which film?"
"You know, the one with the dog."
"What kind of dog?"
"One of those big, fluffy ones - you know the type I mean."
"Um, not really. Did we see a film about a dog last year?"
"Oh, you didn't come with me, did you, so that's no good."
"But that guy did look familiar, so I must have seen him somewhere else."
"Yeah, he's definitely been in other stuff we've seen."
"Can you think of anything else specifically?"
"I think he might be married to that woman from that daytime TV show."
"Which channel?"
"I'm not sure - they all run together, could be any of them."
"That's not very helpful, then, is it?"
"Well, I'm sorry, but you're not helping much, either!"
"I only saw him for a second, and you're the one who wants to know!"
"But you said you recognised him too!"
"Well, maybe, but how am I supposed to figure it out if all you do is spout vague nonsense that doesn't get us anywhere?"
"Oh, it's hopeless trying to talk to you!"
"Look who's talking! You can never remember anything useful!"

Conversation circa January 2017:

"Who's that guy?"
"Hang on a sec..." Tap, tap, tap, tap... "It's Neil Patrick Harris."
"Where have we seen him before?"
"Rosamund Pike killed him in Gone, Girl."
"Oh, yeah. Thanks!"