Facts And Factions

Entry by: Tauren

3rd February 2017
Noun: Something that actually exists, reality, truth.

With little success I`ve been wracking my brains trying to think up a story for this title, so I thought I`d jot down my thoughts on exactly what it was I was being asked to write about; the drivel that follows should in no way be considered factual.

What is a fact? You`d think that`d be an easy question to answer right? I mean we all know what is real, what`s happened, events we`ve seen with our own two eyes, don’t we?

So here`s an interesting fact, I have a false memory, an incident from my teen years that is as real to me as any other event in my life. And the only reason I know for a fact (there`s that pesky word again) that it`s false is that it`s based on a physical impossibility.
For the memory to be true the sun, on that one day, would have to have risen in the west, when we all know the sun rises in the east, right? I mean everybody knows that. Except of course that`s not factually correct, the sun never rises or sets, not really, it stubbornly stays where it is (and that’s not factually correct either, but I`m talking in relation to us, okay? jeez) and it`s the world that’s in motion, tricky things, facts.

So what we`re really talking about is opinion versus verifiable truth.
Hah hah verifiable truth, I`m not touching that with a pole of any length, there is a 2,000 word limit y`know.

“You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.” Daniel Moynihan.

But aren’t we though, isn’t that how we really live our lives, by opinion, and what`s the difference, as far as most people are concerned between opinion and fact?

There is nothing in this world, hell this universe, upon which all of humanity agrees. And where before only a few people could disagree with you, now, thanks to the internet half the world can take issue with anything you posit.

So I decided to try to find something upon which we all can agree, (despite my previous statement) I am at heart an optimist. I could state as fact that I am drop dead gorgeous, but I know of at least one person who might take issue with that statement (My wife can be fierce cruel sometimes) so we`ll let that one slide.

The universe, we can all agree that the universe exists right. Okay there`s still debate over whether it`s a steady state or big bang universe but at least all the scientists agree it exists, right? Right? I mean come on surely… wait, what do you mean it`s a hologram.
Yes apparently a group of scientists, you know, scientists; serious people, spent too many years in university, have concluded that the universe isn’t real after all, Christ is nothing sacred.

I`m starting to wonder if I exist, I mean where`s the proof, I think therefore I am, nuh uh. Perhaps it should read, I think I think, therefore I think I think I am. What proof do I have that I really exist, that I`m actually sitting at this computer right now typing this. I can tell you one thing for sure I`m not the figment of some writers imagination, I`ve invented a lot of characters in the last few years and no-one would go to the bother of inventing one with a life as boring as mine.

But it is still possible that I, and you, are nothing more than a computer simulation, an attempt by some species somewhere to discover exactly how much tedium we can withstand before we all go postal. Go on admit it, you`ve thought about it from time to time, and doesn’t it give you a nice warm feeling in the nethers, wha`d`ya mean that’s just me, cheek.

And if we are merely computer simulations of real life does that mean we don’t actually exist, because that would mean the computer exists, and if the computer exists……. Ah crap I need to go lie down.

But before I do here`s my challenge to you dear reader, if you really exist.
Try and prove to yourself that you really do, exist I mean; go on, I dare you…………….
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