Note To Self

Entry by: QueenC

10th February 2017

I doubt my Self and confront her –
the outer wall, the one that says I am a
unique individual in a
God created universe has collapsed.
she explains my foundations were riddled with illusory
holes and in the end she had no option but
to bring in the demolition experts,
I argue—I thought I was a free spirit
not subject to chemical and physical
laws of the universe ( that
run everything else around here)
Surely I can operate outside the Laws.
She says, not exactly, but
you’ll still feel like you’re in charge
She’d also terminated my ego and super egos
some kind of enormous unconscious spill the other day
and neither of them did a thing.
stop worrying soothes Self
go home have a really dry martini and
for God sake just live by your impulses.