Price Of Love

Entry by: vinita18

14th February 2017
Something Somewhere

Something, something must be left behind
We must have left a trace at least
of our bond.

Warmit was
like the skin between entwined fingers
like the sun that shines out of eyes.

We'd spun endless strings
to keep us entwined forever
If only we hadn't let go of the beginning.

If not the skeins, the knots must be somewhere
Lying hidden on the jungles of floors
like traps to trip new lovers.

I remember your every breath
lining the quad of my world
now those breaths are leasing life to a daisy, a magnolia, a lily, I'm sure.

How can meanings disappear
from destiny's designs
even if we foolishly flout every sign?

What once was, can never be again.
But nothingness throbs with a life of its own -
it sculpts a new you.

When all is gone, the nothingness must remain
if only to prove that what was real once
is debris and rubble now.