I Spy With...

Entry by: Speth Scribbles

23rd March 2017
Wake Up And Smell The Costa Rican Blend

A man,
with no thumb nail worth chatting about, boarded the bus in front
concealing that he was missing his other hand.

He's been in the fields all his life.
Paying out for a ride with limbs.
Coasting amidst gorgeous nature,
is self-destruction at each turn,
all at the manicured hands of bosses.

Some seeds are sown
to the detriment of others,
Some beans get to grow
whilst others are stifled.

Pained are the people who do the dirty work
with no hot baths to go back to,
forced to dip their toes
in all these soapy rivers.

Electric companies
dictate who gets water and when,
it is paradise with a get out clause.
It is built for extranjeros, not the people
who make the 'Pura Vida' possible.

Don't get angry,
the sun will evaporate your tears too quickly for anyone to notice.
Most eyes never spied
his missing arm anyway, did they?

Such is Central American hypocrisy,
such is this packed chicken bus philosophy.