I Spy With...

Entry by: Briergate

23rd March 2017
When you looked the other way. A sonnet.

You called me once or twice, and did you feel?
The fluid, running stream, the stormless port
the friendship flowed; revolved; a water wheel
(the fully infinite, which we had sought).
We swam against the tide; two floating souls
I grew soft gills, I breathed beneath, and gasped
for we were new, yet our connection told
of lives evolving; new forms from the past.
And so, emboldened, I echoed your call
drowning, then, I reached to grasp your hand
you turned away; the waters surged; the fall,
beneath the waves, I watched you bloom on land.
So this is friendship; surfaces are breached.
The lungs collapse; fresh air cannot be reached.
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