I Spy With...

Entry by: tinyfeet&bluebirds

24th March 2017
I spy

Squatting down on white sands,
searching in the rock pools,
I spy a seaweed creature.

Big, ochre eyes like a monstrous fly’s -
something from nightmares,

His body an accordion,
a see through pine cone,
spreads out behind

as if, he might
squeeze and stretch,
propel himself forwards

towards me, my camera -
swallow me whole.
Food for thought.

I turn away,
movements restless
wait for my eye

to spy something else.
Till I see a dragon -
a Chinese New Year dragon -

drifting, red tail
rippling ditches in the sand,
drawing away from his bulbous eye -

dreadful, deflating ping pong ball.
Below, his gelatinous mouth -
doubled up folds, dotted with pearls

that could be teeth
and might just bite me,
if I gave him a chance.

But I am protected,
behind the lens of my DLSR.
He too can only stare -

laid bare, beached
and drying out slowly.
What a dismal death

though still romantic.
Ending up here,
washed up on the shore,

for me to find.
And dream of monsters
in the ocean’s graveyard.