Freedom From Money

Entry by: Hawkeye

6th April 2017
a cashless society
just swipe swipe swipe
touching no fifties
no more visiting the hole in the wall
oh how light your wallet!
pockets empty of cheap nickel
and other base metals
germ free
just a transfer of information
between you
and large faceless corporations/governments
what could go wrong?
tap tap tap into the benign sounding cloud
paperless yes
but you have left a trail
of every single financial transaction
held hostage forever
inside vast industrial fields of processors
kept so cool
so they can perform for their masters
churning out 24/7
political affiliations
your credit ratings
all the minutiae
counting those cokes
the 3 takeaways last week:-
tut tut tut - up goes your health premiums
gambling on the grand national - a problemo?
your sexual preferences
no secrecy
or solace
technology stripping all economic autonomy
naked under big brother's constant gaze
exposed completely
if they want
no longer a free agent
even the beggars will have to accept cards
or die
welcome welcome welcome everybody!
to the end game
the next great leap forward:-