Out Of Exile

Entry by: writerLECIQQYEDR

26th April 2017
It is humans who taught humans inhumanity.
Decisions made by a democratic dictatorship,
Chance has become a game of which
Fair is vaguely aware.

Loop holes of the system
Act as a noose,
Too tight to tightrope the spectrum of the living
That carries hypocrisy so lightly.

Try on the eyes of another,
Realise the realness of their reality.
Separateness is our greatest illusion;
Societies necessary secret.

Revenge breeds a well-adjusted creed,
A way to justify these pick ‘n’ mix beliefs.
The kaleidoscopic world craving black and white;
‘Almost’ comes alive at night.

Manmade things are not the maker of men.
The unknown measure of intentions
Haunts the hardest of them.
Exile buds a becoming of closeness to opened ground.
After all, a pixelated face cannot make a sound.