Flowers Are Free

Entry by: jaguar

2nd May 2017
Saving Time On Love

Day One you say flowers are free,
I am stunned by your profundity,
fixated by your lovely face, so we must
be one person coming back together.

Day Two I find your detailed accounts
of past relationships heart-crunching until you show
photos of girls I know, then introduce me
to your weird uncles on day three.

We fight about how strange your family are,
you say some hurtful things about my mother,
but none of this matters because
we know every crevasse of the other’s mind.

Which goes horribly wrong on day four when
you think a kiss is birthday present enough.
Day 5 I take you through exactly
what I’d expected as you turn pale onscreen.

Day 6 you ask to try again, show me
cake and candles and we’re smiling,
the ring appears, the balloons rise up
this is what it’s all about, kids maybe.

Or is it? Day 7 I begin to wonder
if you’re the right one and I see
you mirror that feeling, we dwell on
each other’s long histories of failure.

Day 8 I let you grope me online
because it’s depressing thinking
what’s different this time?
Nothing - so we get carried away.

Day 9 virtual sex sorted everything,
got it sussed, don’t have to worry
about all that talking stuff, or how to make
each other feel better, we’re glowing.

Day 10 You say flowers are free, post pictures
of poppies; compare my cooking shots
to your mother’s; our love implodes
spectacularly before we even meet.