Flowers Are Free

Entry by: Kathleen A. Lawrence

5th May 2017
Finding in Favor of the Flowers


An arrest of an assemblage of
boisterous begonias,
captured coy and
defenseless daffodils don't
elude extradition forces.
Flower freedom-fighters
gather to garner gypsy
hyacinths harrowing
innocence. Indigo
juries of judgmental
knotweed and kingly Kafir
lilies lead to labeling
misdemeanors. Miscreants muscle
nebbish nightshade as
ornery Officiant Oleander
paces the petaled path.
Querulous and quick
rebels rush to release
surly snap dragons
tussling with thistle
until ugly fruit and urchins
vanish. Violets vocalize
wishes to wanderlust while
experienced exchequer,
yellowing Yasmin,
zooms to Zinnia's defense.

Absolution and autonomy
bestowed on the brigade of blossoms.