Spirit Of Law

Entry by: Maje

12th May 2017
Paddy's day

‘‘You have to celebrate!”
“so far from……….”
‘ok just a few’
heat rising
singing off key - 'the Fieelds of A-T-H-E-N-R-Y!’
overlooking Bondi
hugging a stranger
in a strange land.

Tears flowing...
‘’home sick Sheila?”
‘‘let's have another scoop"
cocktails - blue lagoons/b52s
then whiskey
“we've only Scottish”
‘ah Celts like ourselves.'
‘’One more for the road."

Later aimlessly
along a highway
my hat - a wine box
smile lopsided
hands out
bright lights
a shop - must go in...
looking through the Sunday papers
this week's tv guide
stuffed up a thin t-shirt.

Out and home free!

Sirens, flashing lights
'Oh fuck!'
‘‘hey you!”
‘‘hey white wine hat”
‘’over here”
‘‘what’s under your shirt mate?”

Sobering very rapid
caught a rebel thief (background blue lit)
in a convict land.