Modern Day Slaves

Entry by: Tauren

19th May 2017
The modern day slaves shuffle about the streets
Heads bowed in submission to their masters
Their digital portals clutched reverentially in sweating hands
Thumbs poised, or flitting rapidly
Sending offerings of devotion or supplication to their Gods
The Gods, one and Zero;
The Lords of bits and bytes

The modern day slaves shuffle about the streets
Faces uplit by screens reflected in glazed eyes
Eyes oblivious to the world about them
They stumble on, begging for admiration
Spirits soaring with each like,
Withering with every dislike
Remember how we mocked a tearful Sally fields?
“You like me, you really like me”
Are you still laughing?

The modern day slaves shuffle about the streets
Praying to the omniscient Demigods Google, Facebook, Instagram
Begging them to intercede on their behalf,
“Make me popular; make complete strangers like me,
My life is nothing without their acceptance”
Do you sneer at them, think yourself better, immune?
Fool; deceive others, never yourself

The modern day slaves shuffle about the streets
Sacrificing their lives to their Gods
Stumbling unheeding into traffic,
Such is their commitment to their Gods
Another life lost to digital slavery
Many more to go
We are incapable of learning

The modern day slaves enter bondage willingly
Not through choice, that illusion of free will
But through enticement, inducement
The digital Gods cannot be sated,
They`re coming for you too
And me,
They want us all
They know our buttons
They have studied us

Resistance is futile
Resistance is futile
Resistance is………………
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