For The Many

Entry by: Finnbar

23rd May 2017
For the many smiles
you forced when you wanted
to punch and claw instead
The many lonely
syllables that passed
for conversation late, late, too late
For the many times I’ve wanted
to leave, tried to, and been whiplashed
back by your terror and despair
For the many days of comfort
and quiet love
and drowning in each other

If you put a frog in cold water
and slowly increase the heat,
it will never try to escape

For the many boiled frog days
of silent regret and resentment
the many wild dreams
and daring days of sexual Olympics
For the many messages that ended with a full stop.
For the many seconds that make
a minute, and minutes
an hour, and hours
half a decade of twitching
between alone and trapped

For the many skin flakes of mine,
that have had to rest
with yours on the windowsill,
even when you wouldn’t speak to me