Doing Good Business

Entry by: writerGAKBUVWUMQ

2nd June 2017
The fact is, I did go in here with a plan.

We don’t have to do bad business just to make money;
it would be easier and better to grow food and eat it
than to work for such bullshit merchants.
No number of bolloxy jargon words can turn
a bad business into a good business:
it either is or it isn’t, and that's down to
the people, their honesty and integrity.

I just know I’m right; it’s not the way I feel
But do I have to write a 1000 page book
To prove it?

It’s a good business, sleeping with men.
Oh, I don’t mean like that, I mean
for fun, because there’s likely a
double return: enjoyable at the time,
but then the unexpected lifelong
relationship of favours: all the men
I’ve ever slept with.

I have to submit...