Mind And Body

Entry by: Kathleen A. Lawrence

9th June 2017
Body Mining

(an abecedarian starting with S)

Sudden, sharp, syncopated,
throbbing, thumping trials
unravel and undermine universally.

Virtual, and vexing virtues of
wellness are wantonly worried, when
Xanax offers experimental relief.

Excruciating yesterdays yield
zen only when zeroes and Zoloft
anesthetizes and attacks.

Burying the bashing, bruising,
banging in my brain brings a
beautiful bounty of comfort.

Consolation cures collecting
crowding cells and deliberately
digs out determined dings.

Exposing and eroding the familiar
faulty, and fading folds from
garbled garbage and gunk.

Hardwired holds heat headaches,
ignite impulses, insult and injure
jolts, jabs, jerks, and junk.

Kinetics key into kinesics
lingering, leading to lovely,
less loud leisurely moments.

Memories meld treasure mining,
muddling more macerated mindless
numbness and needed newness.

Obediently offensive, obtuse,
occasionally off-putting the
pink, pulsating prohibitive pain .

Quickly quarries raked
remembrances as reality retracts
and recesses. The new renaissance

Reawakens the mind, salvaging
soul, soothing body, as silent sadness
silkens my once soured cerebellum.