Never Say Die

Entry by: Kathleen A. Lawrence

16th June 2017
Never Say "The End"

My little brother never cried
But the rest of us did
He was too determined
And beautifully stubborn
And gloriously unrelenting.

My brother never gave up
Even as a child he wouldn't
Cry "uncle" or surrender
His secret place in a game
Of Hide-and-Go-Seek.

My brother, the reader
Never like to say 'The End'
To a favorite book, or compelling
Story, nor see the credits
Roll on a provocative film.

My brother never uttered
"Farewell" or "bye" when
Leaving for school or camp
Or an overnight. But with a smile
Crooked and true, he'd promise "Later."

My brother never stopped
Making plans or marking
Calendars with holidays and special
Events. He woke each day steeled
With hope and will and believing.

My brother never worried
That he would be forgotten
Nor did he squander Precious
Time left worrying about wishes
He might never wish.

My brother was more
Than a man born in his time
He knew we would always
Know him and we would
Never say this is over.

My brother was brave
Seeking answers to questions
The rest of us would never ask
He knew the answer too
Which we couldn't believe.

My brother was brilliant
In all that he knew and trusted
Despite the prognoses damning
All promise and dashing
All of our hopes.

My brother was handsome
Like a movie start, stoic
Like young Brando, certain he
Would still be somebody
Even if Time would deny him.

My brother was funny
And warm with the wit
Of a writer and a man
Without a deadline, like
A soldier without a question.

My brother was certain
Self-assured he would outlive
All of us, becoming a great Uncle
With lustrous silver gray hair
And his blue eyes lovely with wrinkles.

My brother said never,
No way, not me, not in my
Lifetime. He whispered prayers
But bellowed with the spirit
Of a sports fan that never give-up.

My brother died before
He ever succumbed to death
He lived on and on, despite,
Defiantly outlasting his doctors'
Predictions and the ominous statistics.

My brother never said die
To me, or his mother, or his
Family, or students, or friends,
Or to Tuesdays, or ice cream, or
Weekends, or to summer vacations.

My brother still helps us today,
Say always to love, forgiveness,
Remembering, kindness, laughter,
Learning, living, believing, and he
Refused to say done, fine, or die to himself.