Lovers Never Lose

Entry by: Tauren

29th June 2017
I grip the receiver ever tighter
pressing it firmly to my ear
The better to hear your telephone voice
It`s melodic falsetto lilt is so.... Un-you

We exchange the comfortable Banalities of the perpetually en-spoused
Who have said all the things of import there are to say aeons ago
So all that`s left is the inconsequentially vital daily minutiae
The children: the grandchildren...
Who said and did what to whom.

I picture your face
Every well earned line and crease
Rendered invisible more perfectly by familiar intimacy
Than any surgeons scalpel could possibly achieve
Til all that`s left is you.

I blurt,
"Say you love me?"
And then.
"Say you love me and I shall die,"
"But I shall die in an agony of ecstasy."
"Only say you love me?"
Love tolerates no ego, and I am unashamed to beg.

You Say Nothing!!!!!

An eternity stretches between us, delicious in its torment
You know me too well
Even now,
after all these years,
you are such a tease.

I hear the smile in your declaration
"Of course I love you, you old fool...."
And I die.
I die as I always do in that moment.....
In ecstasy.
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