Time And Space

Entry by: Finnbar

28th July 2017
The Sea that Launches Kites
Entropy has increased, and chaos reigns in the Sea that Launches Kites.
Nobody is alone, so everyone must suffer.
Try to drown your neighbour, please,
And ride their kite up, up,
Follow the arrow of time, so that we don´t break the fundamental rules.
Skirt the thermals, look down on the churning mass
Of vacant souls and would-be sweaty lobster backs,
Fighting for launch windows.
Up further, until it´s not up but away, your kite is a solar sail.
Traverse the solar system, and remember not to breathe
As you create the first delta-V and Hohmann Transfer out to Mars.
Optimal conditions, look out for perihelion and make it in five months.
Your body may atrophy, and muscles shrink without gravity. Combat this immediately.
Bring Sally up. Bring Sally down.
A quick stop on Mar is not worth the energy to break; do it anyway.
You deserve a rest. You can breathe again now. I hope you like your CO2 rare.
Remember the Sea the Launches Kites. Hang
Your head in shame. As you terraform the planet, think of the bloodlines you drowned.
Why didn´t you just swim and jump?
You could have made it hurting no-one, but instead
The next Einstein of Ghenghis Khan is providing nutrients to blobfish.
Never mind.
I told you to anyway, and blobfish need lunch too, ugly fuckers.
You forgot to bring a magnetosphere, so all of you plaints die in pain.
It´s your birthday, and your rebirth day. Think of boobs. Happy Birthday.
There is no Sea that Launches Kites on Mars, and since your terraforming failed you have to spend eternity alone, sorry.
Cry until you make puddles, streams, lakes. Think of all the Orangutans who died in pain, if you run out of crying fuel.
Eventually, see the early warning signs of the sun becoming a red giant.
You gotta get outta here man.
Trust your tears. Leap in the sea of tears. It may yet be one to launch your kite.
Man up. Everything is futile. We all die alone.
Start to swim. Maybe the butterfly can save you.