Adapt Or Die

Entry by: Kathleen A. Lawrence

11th August 2017
Judgment Day

(abecedarian with addendum)

Always adapt, adopt, amend, absolve
as agnostics and atheists appeal to
blossoms bold beauty and barren buxom,
cursing choir and curdling canon.
Desperate deadened diatribes dictate
empty, evil, evanescent ebbs and ends.
Febrile, futile felons and festering fibbers
gather to gab goodly and grotesquely,
herding heathens and herald hobnobbing,
incestuous insolent ingrates. Inspired
Jehovah judges and jesters jeer as
knaves knock, knife, and knot lies.
Lobbyists and litigators lean and lust,
mischievously maniacal monsters
neglect neighbors and negate nebbish.
Ominous organs operated by others pray
pious psalms to panderers and pimps alike.
Quitters quit as quisling quash rising
religious rancor, robbing Rome of rich,
sacred sonnets and serving sinister
turncoats and traitors, two by two.
Unbridled urchins and unadapted ululate
victories and vanquish the virtuous
wallowing in willful wrath, wicked wonder.
Executioners expel exes and x-gamers,
yammering youth yell and yo-yo
zingers with zeitgeist and zip! Adage:
aspire to absolve and ascend with adaptation.