Nothing Ever Ends

Entry by: writerSVTMLJBMPU

25th August 2017


That dog - he wouldn't touch a soul; he wouldn't harm a fly
But then you catch him staring from the corner of his eye
It's now you smell a flavour of the beast he used to be
Never doubt your instincts; let them work - and you will see.

He lies there twitching on the tiles dreaming somewhere in the deep
Of chasing many sprinting things
And eviscerating sheep
In our minds too - there is no choice
A million thoughts at play
And we know that some can never, ever, see the light of day.

What is it though?
What is the spur
That pricks and tears our hides?
Is it Alpha and Omega riding shotgun in the tides?
Perhaps reversion and subversion
Like the salt within the sea
Are the building blocks of yesterday; tomorrow; you and me?

What use is pomp and arrogance?
Every dog will have its day
We're fettered by the irons of our chain-link DNA
Old hominid emotions make all that's new arcane
And Rex?
He helps me cross the road - they say he keeps me sane.

And on some other sliding scale
Held in another's hands
My Waterloo awaits me on the softly sighing sands
And the smug guns of my sniper soul are ready for the fray
As today becomes tomorrow
And tomorrow - yesterday.