In The Dark

Entry by: aliascath

11th December 2014
It's late. Once again, I find myself driving through the darkness. It is interrupted by dazzling, dazing flashes of light.
I slap my face to stay awake and stare intently at the road ahead.

'The senior Palestinian politician seems to have been grabbed around the neck before recording this interview. If you listen, you can hear him struggling for breath. He died less than a minute later'

Overtake, overtake. Ignore the sense that tells me to stay safe and slow. The impulse to race on is overwhelming. As I approach another roundabout I enjoy the chance to move my head. It seems to wake me a little. Concentrate. Focus. What's the worst that can happen?

'More than half of UK women are taking prescription medication everyday. Around 10% are taking anti-depressants'

A long blink. Too long. When I open my lazy eyes again, the blaze of the car travelling the opposite way lights up my brain. Wrench the steering wheel so the tin can is back on course and shake my head, rattle my brains. Focus. Concentrate. What's the worst that can happen?

'The award was own by a 17 year old girl who champions the right of all children to education. '

A glimmer of light?
Open the window. The rush of cold air hits me, making me reel. Awake.

'They told us at my school not to wear uniform, to blend in as we came to school. Next day only 5 of the 16 pupils came to school. '
'I found her. Her father is my friend and he told me she would speak'

Motorway ramp.
What's the worst that can happen?