In The Dark

Entry by: MediaOcracy

11th December 2014

Sam works in a call centre.

He helps people who have computer problems.

One night the phone rings.

He says, “Hello, this is Sam, how can I help you?”

A voice says, “Hello, this is Dave. I have just bought one of your computers and it won’t work.”

Sam says, “OK, I will be happy to help. Have you switched it on?”

“Yes but nothing is happening. Nothing.” says Dave.

Sam says, “OK, are you sure that the cable is plugged in and the switch is on?”

“I don’t know.”

Sam says, “What do you mean?”

“The plug is under my desk and I can’t see. It is too dark.”

Sam says, “Try turning on a light. That might help.”

Dave says, “No I can’t.”

Sam says, “Why not?”

Dave says, “The room is black. There has been a power cut.”

Sam says, “OK. Tomorrow, when it is light, just pack the computer into the box and send it back to us.”

Dave says, “How long will it take to fix? How long before you send it back?”

Sam says, “We won’t be sending it back.”

Dave says, “Why not?”

Sam says, “Because you are too stupid to own a computer!”

Sam puts down the phone.

The next day, Sam gets the sack.

(For Janet and John)