Waiting For You

Entry by: cjjartist

10th November 2017
When you must wait, a day shuffles heavily,
I watch a cloud move less than a millimetre,
Dark out the sun, it pushes across the frozen sky,
And wonder,
Can you see the same cloud as it crawls over the sunken roof?

Fallen trunks overwhelm the granite piled barn,
Ash refuse to give up life,
Resprout, straight arrow up,
And I sit to attention, eyes not blinked, I cannot miss.

On my perch, swing my legs,
Kick drifts of fallen leaves, crumbled brown to powder.
Crumbled, my thoughts catch the slow breeze,
Carry my gaze over the valley, down, down,
Across the slither of river,
Slow moving dreams wash away.

I wait.

Pull my jacket tighter,
A brushed gust across my forehead,
A cold shiver strikes through my chest:
I wait.

This is a mistake.

I catch
The glint of your Raybans, hidden, your eyes,
Reflect sky, I know, the darkest grey tarn,
And your tread, the ambling gait strikes up the track.

The coffin path.

Another shudder:
Each time you're older, slower,
I see the pain in your spine,
I will you to climb,
To come to me.
I will wait.